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2-way Line Array System


🟩 Amplifier Power Handling: 2000 W RMS / 4000 W Peak

🟩 Nominal Impendence: 8 Ohm

🟩 Frequency range: 70-20000 Hz wideband).

🟩 Calculated Maximum SPL: 1m / 128 dB continuous / 131 dB program / 134 dB peak..


LA VOCE ITALIANA Precision Transducers

Pro DG is a system that combines line array principles with innovative loading techniques to produce a compelling compact line array with impressive components from Lavoce Italiana, this is a dynamic company specialized in loudspeaker design and production for the pro audio market, coming from 30-year experience in developing and producing the finest mobile electronics in the world.


Our Class-D amplifier is able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss. So energy-efficient, the cooling fan brings an extra heat protection from extreme heat situations - the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the rear of the cabinet - with no moving parts. The stereo input circuit with crossover features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels


2-way Line Array system of high performance equipped with one (2) speaker of 10” (La Voce Italiana) in a tuned enclosure. The HF section has three (1) (La Voce Italiana) 1/4″ compression driver with a wave guide. The transducer configuration generates a symmetric and horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees without secondary lobes over the frequency range. Ideal as main P.A. Sidefill, Frontfill or Downfill in outdoor events and permanent installation.

It is excellent to be combined with Aviator S-118-A or S-218-A, which allows different configurations of high performance and SPL.



⬜ Power handling 700 W RMS / 1400 W program / 2800 W peak.
⬜ Maximum SPL Calculation 1m / 128 dB continuous / 131 dB program /
134 dB peak.
⬜ Nominal impedance 8 Ohm.
⬜ Frequency range 70 – 20000 Hz.
⬜ Dispersion angle 90º horizontal. Vertical dependent on
⬜ MF and LF components Two Lavoce Italiana 10” speakers.
Neodymium. 300 W RMS (per unit).
⬜ HF component One Lavoce Italiana 1/4″ compression driver.
Neodymium. 100 W RMS.
⬜ Frequency cut-off for MF * 90 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter – 1200 Hz Linkwitzriley 24 filter.
⬜ Frequency cut-off for HF * 1200 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter – 18 kHz
Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.
⬜ Frequency cut-off for subwoofer * Up to 90 Hz. Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.
⬜ Amplifier State-of-the-art Class-D. 1 x 1500 W RMS for LF
and MF+ 1 x 500 W RMS for HF.
⬜ Surge protection up to 265 V AC, output
protection against overload, clip, limiter.
⬜ Input type: balanced.
⬜ Input impedance: 20000 ohms.
⬜ Input sensitivity: 6.2 V (+18 dBu).
⬜ DSP 24 Bit / 96 KHz. 6 factory presets with onscreen selection button.
Pro DG net 1 RS485 input + 1 output link RS485 for
network control of the entire system.
⬜ Connectors 1 x XLR female (input signal), 1x XLR male
(output link).
1 x Speakon output for passive unit AVIATOR
LA 210 P.
⬜ PowerCON NAC3FCB (current supply).
Controls On / off switch and master volume. Preset
selector cursor.
⬜ Power supply AC 90~265V – 50 / 60HZ.
⬜ Construction Birch plywood using CNC machining. 2mm
thick perforated steel front grille, with ovendried black electrostatic powder paint finish.
Includes acoustic foam.
⬜ Paint Special polyurea finish resistant to impacts and
inclement weather. Black color (standard).