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An amazing story

How does Pro DG Systems was Founded?

JOSE CARLOS LOPEZ, born in Puente Genil, Córdoba, southern Spain in 1965. From a very young age at only 10 years old, he shows a great love for music and begins to study music and learn to play the guitar, alternating with studies at school.

YEAR 1980: Later, at the age of 16, he began to study professional training in the field of electronics and together with some friends and fellow students, he created his first music group and began to play live in different places of the Spanish geography, alternating performances with His studies.

YEAR 1982: The group becomes quite popular and they begin to act at a more professional level, this requires better sound equipment and learning to handle them. At this moment is where José Carlos López, awakens a great interest in sound and is in charge of learning some sound concepts and is in charge of managing the sound systems of the group and its companions.

At that time in Spain there were two types of teams: 1) Old equipment, very bad 2) Equipment of recognized brands but with a very high price.

This is where I get the idea from Why not build my own sound system? In fact, I spoke with my colleagues from the music group and we came to the conclusion of making our own team.

You can already imagine how our first team manufactured by ourselves was ………….. a disaster

That’s where I realize that a team is not just cutting a few pieces of wood and placing speakers, a good team needs study and development, that’s where I start studying and taking audio and electroacoustic courses with some of the leading professionals in the world.

YEAR 1985: Now, with a little more knowledge, we make another new sound system, manufactured by ourselves. Now if it works, although it can be improved, I continue researching until I get a professional system, capable of working without problems on our tours and concerts.

As our music group at that time was quite famous, the other groups want to sound like us, at that time I started to manufacture some equipment to sell to colleagues from other music groups. HERE WHERE THE BRAND AND THE BUSINESS BEGIN.

YEAR 1987: The first sound systems were nameless, now was the time to name the systems.

His first name was J.C.L. SOUND SYSTEMS JOSE CARLOS LOPEZ my own name.

We started marketing the systems under the JCL Sound Systems brand and we only had 3 products: 1) One cabinet with 1×15 “+ 1×2” 400w2) A bass with 2×18 “1000w3) A monitor with 1×12 “+ 1×1”

These products worked very well and we had some sales, but only here in Spain.

YEAR 1990: The equipment works very well, we sell quite a few systems here in Spain and we began to think about going out to sell abroad in other countries in Europe and South America.

YEAR 1991: We present the trademark in the patent and trademark registry. Shortly after it was filed in the trademark registry, we were surprised that the American company JBL is opposed to us being able to register our trademark as JCL because of the similarity and resemblance to JBL, as is normal and natural, a company so Small like us cannot face the big company JBL in court, so we resisted registering JCL as our brand and started to think of another name So some years passed and we only sold in Spain under the name of JCL SOUND SYSTEMS

YEAR 1995: At a trade fair in Frankfurt, I meet Mr. Adam Hall who at the time is the owner of Fane Acoustics (England) Mr. Adam Hall, used to visit Spain on vacation and he spoke a little Spanish, I for my part speak a little English, so in this way we understood each other, we also used a translator at some important time.

I already used some Fane Acoustics speakers and components in some of my systems. (I knew the products and their quality) I was a Fane Acoustics customer.

Then I came up with the idea of proposing to Mr Adam Hall the following idea:

Why don’t we make some sound systems together and call it Fane Systems?

Mr. Adam Hall provides the speaker and driver components. Jose Carlos Lopez, is in charge of the design and manufacture of the Cabinets.

YEAR 2000: The FANE SYSTEMS project begins As partners, Mr. Adam Hall and Jose Carlos Lopez. From the factory in England, Fane Acoustics, I took some more advanced electroacoustic courses and refined the design of the products. I learn the handling of crossovers and digital processors and in more depth technical knowledge about speaker components.

YEAR 2002: We register the name of FANE SYSTEMS in the European patent and trademark registry. We began to market together some products under the name of FANE SYSEMS, including the first double 8 “line array The association works very well.

YEAR 2004: We do our first trade fair together in Frankfurt, the acceptance from the public was quite good and we got some distributors for our products. We continue for some years, growing in sales and launching some new products with the FANE SYSTEMS brand

FOR SOME YEARS: The association between FANE ACOUSTICS and JOSE CARLOS LOPEZ, works very well, it is growing in sales and products.

YEAR 2008: (GREAT CRISIS) FANE ACOUSTICS, goes bankrupt and is acquired by another company, in this case PRECISION DEVICES, owned by the Barnes family. We try to continue this association with the Barnes family, but they do not accept FANE SYSTEMS and do not recognize my previous association with Mr. Adam Hall As we did with the previous problem with JBL, we gave up fighting in court for the purpose of FANE SYSTEMS

We were the real makers and creators of the systems and all the products. FANE only put the speakers, all the development and modifications and manufacturing were created by Jose Carlos Lopez, we could put any other brand of speakers and sound the same or better.

This is where the Beyma speaker brand comes in. Although for some years Jose Carlos Lopez was Beyma’s competition, selling Fane Acoustics products in Spain, there has always been healthy competition and gentlemen. YEAR 2010 We are no longer going to use Fane components, so it makes no sense to continue calling ourselves FANE SYSTEMS We met with Beyma and reached a good agreement, we would use a large part of their products with some special modifications for us.

YEAR 2011: After viewing and commenting on the name for a new brand for our products, consulting records, internet etc ……………..The new brand PRO-DG SYSEMS is born PRO: PROFESSIONAL DG: DIGITAL, FOR THE NEW DIGITAL ELECTRONICS THAT WE INCORPORATE SYSTEMS: FINISHED SYSTEMS.

YEAR 2012: Launch of new products with better features and with Beyma brand speakers and drivers inside (made in Spain) We began to register the trademark in Europe, the US and China, without any kind of problem and no opposition. Old distributors join the new project and prefer PRO-DG SYSTEMS and new distributors also join our project.

YEAR 2014: New products, some trade fairs like Frankfurt, where we got some distributors to expand our network.

YEAR 2016: New products and first forays into a trade fair in America, we went to Infocomm Mexico, where we had a good acceptance and we met future distributors.

YEAR 2017: American Tour, continuing with the presentation of new products, we presented ourselves for the first time at Infocomm Orlando (USA) then we continued with a presentation tour in Ecuador, Peru and Chile, where we got some collaborators and some sales in South America.

YEAR 2019: We received an association proposal from a North American company, They considered that we have a good product made in Europe and they have the distribution channel to sell those products throughout the American continent. We began to negotiate all the terms to make a partnership contract and start working together throughout the American continent..

YEAR 2020: As everyone knows, it was a disaster due to the COVID 19 pandemic, even so, we take advantage of the year 2020 to develop new commercial products with which we have introduced the brand in other markets and are having a lot of acceptance. PRO-DG AMERICA begins

YEAR 2021: This year has been a good year of recovery, we have grown in sales and the most important thing is the creation of PRO-DG SYSTEMS ASIA. We are very happy and satisfied with this new partnership with colleagues from Guangzhou Seer Audio CO. , LTD, great audio professionals with whom we are sure to continue learning together and make our projects grow. Guangzhou Seer Audio CO. , LTD is PRO-DG SYSTEMS ASIA and will be in charge of managing and making our products known to the entire Asian continent. We have full confidence in our teammates and together we will achieve great things.

Ladies Gentlemen, this is the story of my life and PRO-DG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL.